A downloadable game for Windows

"Last Breath" is about emotions most of all.

Final version of "Don't Turn Off The Light", a short contemplative game made during the Emotional Game Jam 2016, this version introduces all the missing elements we imagined in the first place.

With a new end, more explicit than before, Last Breath also includes some graphic updates and corrections about collisions and the physics engine.


Alban Ligouzat (game-design & level-design)

Tristan Bultiauw (sound-design & music)

Gael Baurens (programing)

Dimitri Balzan (graphics & animations)

Enjoy the game.

Team L-pro.

Install instructions

Launch the exe file after downloading the game.


Compatible for Windows, from 7 to 10.


Your computer may prevent the game from being launched, treating this latter as a threat or something like that. It is due to the absence of security certificate. If it happens, here are several solutions for you:

- Right click on the game/ Execute as administrator

- Disable your "Windows Smart Screen"

- Disable your antivirus software


Last Breath.exe 37 MB

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